The Studio

After over 20 years experience in the animation industry we can say Monigotes Studio 2.0 has been involved with any kind of animation process you can imagine. We’ve been part of several national and international first-line productions where we have learned and perfectioned our techniques.

Our people have a solid background and our goal is having the best possible environment so they can concentrate in keeping developing their skills.

This experience and way of thinking make us able of providing high-quality services in all animation fields: 2D, 3D, flash or stop motion and give us the capacity of offering professional training and consulting services for any trouble that may arise in your way.

Have a look at out web and let’s talk about how we can help you with your ongoing projects!


Francisco Alvarez Piris is an experienced artist with a trajectory of over 30 years in the industry. Working mainly in the animation department, his skills also include storyboard, design and fx animation, making him a highly multifaceted artist.


Vittorio Pirajno began his career in the 90s and since then, he’s been part of many outstanding productions. He has wide experience as animator, story artist and designer which gives him a broad overview of different aspects of a production.


After over 20 years of professional experience in animation and digital production, María Pagán’s skills are diverse and cover the range of production, project management, and client relationships. Always keeping a positive attitude and team’s feet on the ground.